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Experienced Scout Uniforms Needed

Troop 540 is developing a Used Uniform Exchange.

We are asking scouts to donate their clean, experienced uniforms to this effort. Those uniforms will then be made available, free of charge, to other scouts within the troop. As we acquire inventory, the list of available uniform components will be posted on the troop’s web site.

Items needed:

short and long sleeve uniform shirts

Class B shirts

Uniform shorts and long pants

Scout belts and socks, in very good condition

After removing any patches or other insignia that you wish to keep, bring your clean, experienced uniform items to any Troop 540 meeting. Give them to:

Linda Rimkunos

Pete Koszuta Sr                                          

Peter Koszuta Jr

Questions? Contact Linda Rimkunos:, 657-8044



Items currently available:

Long pants:

youth size 10, waist 23", length 27"

youth size ?, waist 24", length 28"

youth size 20, waist 30", length 26"

 men's 34, waist 34". length 28"

Long pants/switchbacks(detachable lower legs):

women's extra small, waist 28", length 27"

women's small, waist 30", length 28"

women's medium, waist 28",  length 29" 


size 8, waist 23"size 14, waist 27

size 12, waist 24"

size 18, waist 25"

size 20, waist 36- 4pairs

adult waist 30" - 3 pairs

adult waist 32

adult waist 36"




Web Belts with BSA Buckles:

sizes: 30", 32"


Web Belts without buckles :

46" - 2


Short sleeve uniform shirts:

Youth Large (6)


Long sleeve uniform shirts:

Youth size 10

Adult Small

Adult Large


Scout T-Shirts:

Troop 540/JN Webster, red, size small


Green Scout Caps - 2

Black T 540 Cap - 1










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